Wexler | Walker Executive Chairman, Bob Walker, brings nearly five decades of legislative and executive experience to client relationships. In his thirty years on Capitol Hill he served as a congressional aide, as Pennsylvania’s 16th District Congressman, as a committee chairman, as a legislative strategist and parliamentarian and as a key member of the Republican leadership.

After retiring from Congress and joining Wexler | Walker, he was chosen to participate on three Presidential commissions, heading one as its Chairman. It is Bob’s insight gained from that wide-ranging background that gives his clients a unique asset.

Wexler | Walker clients have direct access to Bob’s depth of experience. While he specializes in issues that stem from his chairmanship of the Science, Space and Technology Committee, his leadership and parliamentary expertise help guide all of the firm’s clients toward successful outcomes. Walker knows how the process works and can help develop strategies and policies that are especially tailored for success. Moreover, he then is willing to implement those strategies and policies by making the case on Capitol Hill and in the executive departments and agencies. A major space publication, Space News, attested to his effectiveness saying, “One of Washington’s most influential lobbyists” whose “stature and influence have only grown since leaving Congress.”

Frequently, Walker is invited to speak to national and global forums. He is a regular media commentator on national and international affairs and lectures at prominent educational venues such as the Brookings Institution and the Government Affairs Institute. Walker is a trusted advisor to several of the key leaders on Capitol Hill and is frequently invited to private meetings where policy and strategy are discussed and determined.

Congressman Walker holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from Millersville University where the Walker Center for Civic Responsibility and Leadership is located. He also has a Master of Arts in Political Science from the University of Delaware and an Honorary Doctor of Laws from Franklin and Marshall College.

He remains a resident of the 16th District in Pennsylvania where he resides in Lititz with his wife Barbara.