What We Do

Strategic Planning | Counsel

Success in Washington begins with setting a sound, strategic approach to an issue. For each client, we analyze the issues, assess objectives, and establish a roadmap for accomplishing those objectives. We translate desired outcomes into distinct, achievable actions which are then calibrated as needed throughout the duration of a project.

Lobbying | Advocacy

Successful advocacy is more than simply providing access. Our approach to lobbying is grounded in the deep working relationships we have with decision makers in Congress and the Executive Branch. We know their interests and needs, and we continually work to align them with our clients’ priorities. When we engage policy makers on a client’s behalf, it is never just a meeting, but an ongoing conversation.

Coalition Building

Wexler | Walker is known for its success in building and managing politically potent coalitions on high-visibility issues. In fact, our founder Anne Wexler pioneered the first issue advocacy coalitions over 30 years ago. Today, we use traditional and digital tools to link non-traditional allies into vast networks of corporations, trade associations, NGOs, elected officials, and state and local government organizations. In the process, we expand our clients’ base of support, giving greater voice to their causes and desired policy outcomes.

We are experienced both at working as a client’s sole consultant or team with public relations agencies, law firms and other lobbying firms. Our track record is stellar, having built successful national coalitions on issues ranging from energy, environment, insurance, health care, transportation, trade, telecommunications, intellectual property rights, and legal reform, to name a few.

Political Analysis

For those seeking to better understand Washington’s myriad of legislative process and regulatory procedure, Wexler | Walker provides in-depth analysis, monitoring, and intelligence so that firms can better advise their own clients and make informed decisions about how Washington action or inaction may affect business decisions.

Mergers | Acquisitions

For corporations preparing to unveil a merger or acquisition, or to defend a hostile takeover, Wexler | Walker monitors and analyzes the Washington landscape to provide timely intelligence to guide strategy and messaging. We also work directly with corporate lawyers, investment bankers, public relations firms, and select Congressional Committees to achieve desired regulatory outcomes.